After working with numerous brands and 10+ years of working with businesses online we know what the online customer expects to see.

Right now, you may be feeling one of the following:

  • This is too hard
  • Why aren't people buying my product?
  • Facebook ads is a waste of money
  • I give up
  • I have had enough...and so on.

The changing environment has driven customers more towards buying online.

That means your customers are too!

If they aren't buying, it means we have to unpack the layers to find out why.

To find the solution, we have to know the problem.

Often the answer is found in the stories your online store data tells us through the data.

... and that's where we come in.


Vanessa is a Dunedin, Otago NZ based digital marketer with a specialisation in Facebook advertising and niches further into the world of e-commerce.

She has worked with brand stores in the Health, Beauty and Wellness industries.

The stories that your store tells through the data is something she enjoys reading to help you unpack where your efforts should be directed and what your customers are doing or not doing when they are on your shop.

This has helped the clients she has worked with improve their store sales and identify opportunities for growth.

She has worked with clients from Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Germany and of course in New Zealand. She is supported by the Wowza Digital Marketing team to deliver this to you.

Clients who work with us get:

  • A business partner. Not an agency or contractor.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Data informed recommendations.
  • A results driven team
  • Regular communications

Here are a few business scenarios we've worked with.

Case Study 1

This business spent a few thousands on driving traffic to their website. The traffic numbers are going up but the sales aren't.


The traffic were mainly window shoppers and curious eyes who had no intention on buying.

Case Study 2

The business has a sought after and loved product in the local market. Online, it was a bit of a struggle to see a reflection of this to their online sales.


Potential new buyers want to see proof and hear from third parties before they make a decision to buy.

Case Study 3

This business has a steady customer base. The paid traffic numbers are steady but they are struggling to see how they can move past this to see some growth.


Limited product options. Introduce new variations of product line.


Anna | Jewellery Brand

Within a matter of days it was obvious engaging Vanessa is the smartest investment we could make.

Now, my partner and I concentrate on what we’re good at and very happily leave the digital marketing and online commerce techie stuff to Vanessa. She works her magic, and in six months we went from a tiny business who was just trying to hold it together for our families in the uncertainty of lockdown, to one that’s keeping one person full time and four others part time employed.


Joe | Health & Wellness Brand

We had to change our entire marketing strategy around Covid-19 and we went full e-commerce. After spending 6 months trying to figure out how to increase our sales by ourselves we remembered a lovely lady we met over a year ago.

Enter Vanessa Leota owner of Wowza Digital!

We are constantly increasing our conversion rate which started at 0.02% before we worked with Wowza and now we are sitting at 3.34%

This is for:

  • Those who want to see results
  • Those who put in the work and apply the recommendations
  • Those who are determined and motivated
  • Those who have integrity and honesty in their work and product
  • Those who may be just starting a product launch

This is NOT for:

  • Those who are happy with their current store sales and have no intention of growing.
  • Those who are not ready to put the work in to improve their store.
  • Those who are looking for another freebie that ends up as another extra number in your Inbox

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